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Ozone Code V1

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Forest Green
Forest Green

138 x 41 cm
141 x 42 cm

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Complete - sisältää laudan, siteet, evät, kahvan

  • All Round Free Ride Performance
  • Medium Rocker and Medium Flex
  • Progressive Outline with Amazing Control
  • Intermediate to Advanced Free Riders

Code comes complete with pads, straps, handle and fins. Ready to ride.

  • Provides excellent carving performance from a small to wide carving radius
  • Solid high wind control and edge retention for boosting even when overpowered.

  • Transitioning to flat towards the tips
  • Smooth ride in choppy conditions
  • Powerful carving performance with good grip
  • Helps to absorb and control fast landings

  • Offers a smooth ride with ultimate control in heavy chop
  • Good upwind performance, optimized pop and soft landings.

  • Strong edge hold without the feeling of being locked on a rail, while increasing stability and control when carving
  • Gives a positive feel when carving or loading and releasing off the water during a jump

  • On both rails for a better grip doing board offs when riding without a handle.

  • Easy to assemble in minutes
  • Lightweight ergonomic design with memory foam
  • The toe ridge provides solid grip
  • Dampening foam layers provide superior comfort

  • CNC cut from solid G10 material

The Code is an outstanding, all round free ride performance twin tip board that’s fun, fast and smooth with massive pop potential. It has a refined combination of a progressive outline, medium rocker and flex, with a double concave bottom shape developed specifically for Intermediate to Advanced free riders.

The name ‘Code’ represents the Ozone team coming together to take on the challenge of designing, developing and manufacturing boards that match the performance and quality of our Kites. We’ve worked with the same intense level of R&D that goes into our kites to bring the Code to life. Our new in-house production process uses the latest technologies to ensure every aspect of production is carried out perfectly to bring you a perfect no compromise board.

We love to see people enjoying themselves on the water, our aim with creating the Code was to make riding even more engaging and easy to handle. A medium rocker and flex combined with a rounder outline gives this board excellent carving performance as it flows effortlessly from rail to rail. It’s stable in fast power carves and gives you a very fluid consistent linear feeling. The Code has amazing control in choppy water and remains ultra smooth underfoot, even in gnarly chop. In overpowered conditions, the swallow tip design helps the board maintain its edge that allows the rider to perfectly load up for big boosts.

One of the main frustrations riders have on the water is the amount of spray they get in the face, one of our main criteria was to design a board that addresses this problem and practically eliminates spray!

The Code fits a diverse range of riding styles and levels from free riding and cruising around, to big airs or freestyle and handle pass tricks. The board gains speed fast and drives hard upwind, delivering great response from the smallest movements. For riders that love board off tricks without using a handle, there is a grab recess on each side of the board for grip.

No board is finished without the correct binding system; the Code’s footpads and straps are beyond comfortable and have been designed to endure the rigors of hard riding. The footpads incorporate layers of ultra durable dual density EVA foam including a memory foam layer, with precise contouring and textures to keep your feet comfortably “locked in”. The pads are extremely lightweight but offer great shock absorption on hard or fast landings. The straps have been ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort, the combination of soft memory foam and plush neoprene give the rider ultimate cushioning and a snug fit. We have kept to a lightweight single strap system that attaches to the board with minimal effort yet offers a huge range of adjustment to suit a variety of riders. The base plate has multiple cutouts that allows for a customized stance width and angle adjustments.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1400 x 400 x 50 mm.

4.1 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

12 kk

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